Thursday, August 21, 2008

Moved to St Louis have moved to St Louis, MO. Yes, you've heard that right. We have moved to Missouri and my brothers are having a grand ole time with it too:

- You better be driving a monster truck the next time I see you.

- Just wait til Ryan buys a tall mesh hat and trades in the car for a F650 super diesel.

Chicago is an amazing city but we're totally excited to live a more low key life. And with baby #2 almost here, it's time for more space. We're ready for a lawn, garage, basement, lack of noisy neighbors, etc, all the amenities an actual house can provide.

We sold our apartment in Wrigleyville. What a great place to start our marriage and have our first kid. It's unfortunate Ashley will probably never remember living there, although pictures will prove it. It also figures that the Cubs will probably go far in the playoffs this year too*.

We bought a ranch style house in St. Louis. It needs a ton of work but I've been itching for some manual labor. We live across the street from a neighborhood pool, park and 4 tennis courts.

I'm going to take some pictures this evening of the demolition that I'm doing at nights. I'll post them here.

* I'm a Pirates fan at the core but will root for any Chicago team if on TV..


joeyTWOwheels said...

Congrats! And smart move getting away from Wrigleyville. It's way to close to Wrigley.

Matt Sweetman said...

Welcome to St. Louis. My wife and I are fairly new to St. Louis as well (as of Feb). I randomly found your blog post -- crazy!

We also have baby number 2 on the way and are considering moving to Chicago so, maybe you can give us some advice?

If you guys are looking for a good church then checkout Jubilee Church. We love it as it has a lot of young families and does a lot of great things.

Hope the adjustment to St. Louis goes well.