Friday, February 20, 2009

Ahhh... the joys of toddlerhood

The other morning I decided that I was going to take a shower and lock Ashley in the bathroom with me. Aidan was sleeping and I did not want her to wake him up, plus it simply wouldn't be safe for her to wander around the house on her own. Anyway, I get out a bag of hair clips and rubberbands for her to play with. I step in the shower and she yells, "mommy, where are you going?" And pulls the shower curtain back letting out a gallon of water. I am trying to grab the curtain and she wraps it around herself and says, "mommy a robe." I get the shower curtain out of her hands and she starts stomping in the massive puddle on the ground. Then the toilet flushes and the water gets super hot. I tell her not to flush the toilet again. It has not been 5 minutes and I still have not done one thing yet in the shower. This time I look out and she has unrolled the toilet paper and it is all over the WET ground. She looks up at me with a huge WET piece and says, "mommy do you want to blow your nose?" I decided that I had enough and was about to rinse the conditioner out of my hair when the toilet flushed AGAIN!!!!!! I mean are you kidding me.... I walked around the rest of the day with my hair greasy because I simply could not take anymore of that shower.


k.nichol said...

I just laughed really hard! That was simply hilar!

Annamania said...

Really funny stuff. Annabelle is just getting mobile, I'm sure I have a lot of these experiences to look forward to. So much fun.