Friday, April 17, 2009

Proud Mama

I am so proud of my two little babies. Both of my babies are growing up right before my eyes. Aidan is doing a GREAT job steamrolling around the house. Today he actually army crawled to reach his favorite toy. He only used one arm, but he pushed himself towards that toy. I can't believe that we are already at the EARLY stage of crawling. After I saw that, it made me realize that he is going to be crawling before we know it. The past 6 months have flown by. Also, the last couple of days Aidan has started to perfect his sitting up skills. The problem is that he enjoys rolling around the house so much that he will only sit for a couple of seconds. We are working on it though. He should be good to go in another week or so.

Ashley, where do I begin. I am a bit scared. She seems to be more with it than me. She remembers things alot easier than I do. She is so darn perceptive. Today I asked her if she wanted her water and she said, "No, thank you mommy, water does not have taste." Then she looked out the window and said, "Mommy, look it is crescent moon!!." Sure enough I looked in the sky and saw that the moon was a crescent shape. She then said, "that is a little moon and their is big moon at night." I think that is crazy that she has noticed that. Then this morning, she noticed that there was no toilet paper on the roll. So she went in the hall and got more toilet paper from the hall closet. And PUT IN ON THE ROLL and snapped it together all by herself. She then turned off the bathroom light and closed the door. She just wants to be an adult. She does not play with toys. She follows me around the house and mimics everything that I do. I can probably count on my hands the amount of times that I have seen her play with toys independently. She HAS to be doing what I am doing at all times. If I am making dinner, I have to give her a dull knife and some veggies to cut. If I am doing laundry, she has throw the clothes in the washer. I guess I am wondering, is this normal for girls?? Oh this is a good one, the other we were having a guy come out and talk to us about our landscaping. Daddy was holding Ashley as we walked around the house and discussed possible options. When the guy left, Ashley said, "mommy I want to landscape." So she went inside and got her crayon and journal and went outside and stood in the driveway for a half hour saying, "this wood go here" "ummmmmm this here." It was hilarous. Ryan and I just watched her walk around and mimic everything that we just did. She now asks to this day if she can go "landscape." She walks outside and goes up to all the trees and touches them and says, "ummmmm this."

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Charles said...

This is so funny. I can't wait to see Miss Ashley again. Maybe she can finish my dissertation for me.