Friday, July 17, 2009


I have not written in a while. I feel like the pictures are so easy to post and tell our story just fine. However, I do have a few things to say about my little nuggets. We are having a blast up here in New York. The kids are LOVING the lake house and LOTS and LOTS of attention from "Nanny and Popeye." Ashley has a limit to how many kisses and hugs she wants. Not sure why, but who knows what is going through the mind of a two year old. Ashley also has enjoyed boat rides and tubing. She has kayaked with Nanny and Mommy and enjoys swimming with Daddy in the evenings. What a blesssing to be here!!

Little Aidanbearthomas has made so much improvement since he's been here. He has a bunch of new words - momma, dadda, baw (ball), bi-bi (bye -bye), Nanna (bananna), Nanna (Nanny), once or twice a poppa (popeye). If you say, " how big is Aidan", he will raise his hands only about 30% of the time, but it is a start. He wears shoes now because all he wants to do is walk with your hands or cruise the furniture. His latest fun is playing around his crib: standing up, shaking the rails,singing, blowing raspberries, and talking for about 10 -15 minutes before he goes to sleep. He just can't seem to calm down until he plays around a while. AND he has three new teeth. All of this in only three weeks!!

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