Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ethan Status

Sorry for the graphic picture everyone but we ran into some complications after the surgery. This was taken about 10 minutes ago and he is looking much better than the pictures from 2 days ago. To give a background, Ethan had his palate closure surgery on Tuesday morning. After the surgery, his tongue swelled up significantly enough to necessitate an emergency intubation. He was moved to the pediatric ICU and was sedated and put on paralytics for the ventilator. Unfortunately, it looks like he picked up or brought with him some type of virus so he has some junk in his lungs and nose. About an hour ago, they removed him off the paralytics so he has started moving. What we need now are prayers for a) the tongue to stop swelling so we can get the ventilator removed and b) heal the virus from his lungs / body. Thanks all.

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