Monday, September 29, 2008

Funny Story

So Ryan came with me to the doctor today because we were not sure what the doctor was going to say about how far along I have progressed. Everything was the same. I am still 5cm and fully effaced (sp??) The doc said that he gives us the option again to induce or just chance it to make it to the hospital. I said, "what should we do?" We talked about the highway being closed and traffic. The Doc told Ryan that if my water broke he wants him to put his flashers on and get to the hospital as quick as possible. Ryan looked at me and said ,"sweet, that would be awesome... let's not induce.... I would love to have an excuse to drive like that!!" Hahahaahaa... I would rather not induce because I do not want chemicals and my dear sweet Ryan just wants an excuse to get out of a ticket. Hahahaha... just kidding... Ryan... I know waht your intentions are... I just had to tell about the driving thing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
That is funny. My old neighbor was in your position and before she could make the decision to be induced or not, she went into labor, didn't make it into the hospital, had the baby in the car in the parking lot of the hospital! That was a fun mess to clean up in her front seat! I really have this feeling you are having a boy. Whats on the list of names? You have to update my email Its not fair you don't look pregnant! I'm sure these days are exciting and fun you are having an extra long climax with this baby! Thats the best and I had six and the point you are at is the ONLY part I miss. See you Thanksgiving. Congrats on the new house! Ashley is adorable.