Tuesday, September 30, 2008

thoughts... ideas...anyone???

Let me give you all a list of things that I have done to help get labor started:

1.spicy chinese food
2.acupressure on the feet
3.played tennis
4.chase around/carry toddler
6.mini sprints
7.walking constantly
8.puting tobasco on everything

I understand that the baby is not technically due for another week. Knowing that I am so far dilated is weighing heavily on my mind. It is all I think about. I want to meet baby Strauss NOW!!!! I do not want to wait another minute to see my precious little boy or girl. I am dying to know what it is!!!!!!!
So if you have any ideas PLEASE do not hesitate to write.


Wilmert Fam. Member said...

I drank castor oil with sam...3 hrs. later contractions started & never stopped!

Kelly said...

where do you get that? how much did you drink? is that what they said to do? also, did you get an epidural the second time around?

Anonymous said...

You should have sex! :) Worked for us!

Wilmert Fam. Member said...

got it at target. drank 2oz. (the whole bottle...it was little) steve mixed it into a smoothie for me...and i just tried not to think about the fact that i was drinking 2oz. of nasty oil. :-) nope, no epidural here...thankfully i haven't had to do that with either. supposedly castor oil only works if your body is ready, mine was & it sounds like yours is too! oh...i had to buy it through the pharmacy...when i asked, the lady said "you're trying to have that baby, aren't you?" no...they didn't tell me to do that, we were just SO ready!!!!