Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Inauguration

TheStrausses.com just finished watching the inauguration. Such an amazing historic event. It's a good day for the United States. Happy inauguration everyone.




Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!!!
wenwhite@wowway.com just thought I'd tell you that again. HAHA The vitamin D thing is hilarious. George went for a physical in December and the Dr sugested him getting his vitamin D checked because of his skin. Living in a climate that doesn't get sun much and then being told not to go in it for it will cause skin cancer gives anyone that isn't white low levels of vitamin D. Anyways he had it checked, normal range is 30-80. George"s was 7! He has a prescription for 50000 units of Vitamin d for 8 weeks, then goes to a daily dose of 1000 units a day. Can you believe that? I had mine checked and I was 61. So, the theory is right, anyone that that has a darker pigmented skin is made to see intense sun 365 days a year and that is supposed to be their main source of absorbing vitamin d.I guess catching the low levels now will help prevent against older aged bone diseases.
Had to share that! Ashley is hilarious! She reminds me of my girls so much. Full of her own personailty and always something comical to say. She doesn't miss a beat!

Kelly said...

That is crazy about the vitamin D. who would of thought?? So crazy!!