Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This post may gross a non-relative out, but I just have to tell the story. Last night Ashley went poo-poo in the potty. When she turned to look at it she said, in the most expressive voice EVER, "A SNAKE... I SEE SNAKE!!!" Her eyes were about as big as the sun and she was so excited.

Vitamin D
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. We were out to lunch and I told little bear that we needed to go outside and get some vitamin D. She then yelled out, "YUMMY, I LOVE VITAMIN D... Can I have some?"

I feel bad that I always write about Ashleybear. So here are some things about little Aidanbear. He LOVES his momma. He never sits, he only wants to stand. He smiles all day long. He likes to hug his blue elephant. He is a DREAM baby and his mommy loves him SOOOO much.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys again!! I probably should have asked George before sharing his experience with the snake, but he would laugh that I told you guys this!! Anyone that isn't a relative would probably not get this either. When we were at Aunt Betsy's last June and went swimming, George took Mya with him to change. George realized she was at the age to not be able to get changed in front of her anymore. When he took his swim trunks off, Mya's eye's looked and said, "Daddy is that your poop?" OMG that is so funny!!!!!!!

Wilmert Fam. Member said...

K, I was going to comment on Ashley's comment, but Wendy...I think Mya might have topped it! Stinkin' hilarious!

Kelly said...

I am dying about Mia's comment. Are you going to tell her when she is older? I wonder what she would think about that when she is older. SOOOO funny!!!