Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Help Pick The Name

Our little commanding officer is still doing her best to keep the baby growing in the safe confines of her belly. It's apparent that things are truly starting to get uncomfortable for her. Not much daddy can do other than agree with her pains like "I can't imagine it's nice to have a bowling ball stretching out your stomach" and "I agree that it can't be fun to have something kicking you in the ribs and bladder all day long". She wakes up multiple times in the middle of the night because a) she's hungry b) she needs to use the restroom or c) daddy is breathing his rose petal breath into her nostrils and her already heightened sense of smell. She lightly taps my on the shoulder and whispers, "Love of my life, sorry to wake you up, but can you turn to the other side?" HAH, yeah, something along those lines.

I received an amusing email from her today: "I have had at least 15 ginger snaps today. I am throwing the box in the trash. I hope you don't mind." This woman has a fierce craving for sweets right now. If it’s in the house, sweet and available for consumption, it’s as good as gone.

We found out Sunday at church that our kid is a huge fan of the organ. Each time the pipes produced sound, our little one was dancing in momma’s stomach. It was pretty cool. I think he was preparing for his first introduction at Wrigley Field as the starting SS. Wishful thinking?

We're still having trouble labeling our new addition. Below are some of our thoughts. Feel free to submit a comment with your favorite or any not listed below.

Dylan James Strauss
Collin James Strauss
Brayden Daniel Strauss
Aiden Thomas Strauss
Matthew Thomas Strauss
Rowan Thomas Strauss

Ashley Jane Strauss
Emily Jane Strauss
Caitlin Ann Strauss
Audrey Elizabeth Strauss
Catherine Ann Strauss
Claire Elizabeth Strauss


Anonymous said...

After previous discussions on names you two must be delirious. I can't wait to see the respones! Look to me you've done a good job with the names. Put them in a hat and pick, you can't go wrong.

Anonymous said...

I won't say which one 'cause if you pick it, it's ALL YOURS (I don't want it to get weird or anything;-)...but you have one of our "girl" names (1st & middle)when Steve & I were choosing last year! You just might not decide until you see that little Strauss!

Kelly said...

Mary - that is so funny that one of the names matches exactly. I wonder which one it is. I agree though that we need to see our little miracle before we can decide on a name. I don't even know that I like all of the choices in the list. We will see soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Ashley Jane for a girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Collin James for a boy!!

Anonymous said...

Ashley Jane for a girl...the best on the list by far!

Rowan Thomas for a boy! <-great name

Anonymous said...

i thought you were going to try isabella?
how is the mommy? stir-crazy? I check daily b/c i'm afraid i'm not going to know when she goes into labour.

Anonymous said...

ps -
i do like collin (but why not colin- w/ one l?)
I know kelly likes ashley - but catherine sounds nice too.