Thursday, February 15, 2007

My New Puppy

So Kelly has been cooped up in the house since last Friday when we found out that dilation has begun. It’s rather amusing to see someone who is so incredibly extroverted to be all by herself for 8 hours a day. I come home from work and I tiptoe around the house to find out what she got into. It’s like having a new puppy who chews furniture. Thankfully this puppy only cleans and organizes instead of destroys.

Another new change for her is the cutting-edge technology called instant messaging. I’ve been able to catch her on Google Talk a few times and I can just imagine her reaction like “what is this window that just popped up, goodness!

Anyway, I think all this technology is clouding her ability to think clearly. I just got an email from her which reads “can you send thid yo mu family”. This is no joke. It sounds like she’s talking with her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth. I think she’s drowning in a sea of technology, boredom and lack of personal interaction.


Kelly said...

Yes, I have to admit I am a little bored. There is this little hormone that causes you to "nest." I seriously can't help it. Every drawer/closet that I open HAS to be reorganised.

Anonymous said...

CarefulRyan, anything you say now will haunt you for thereat of your life