Monday, February 12, 2007

"I'm dilated... No, Ryan not my eyes"

I wanted to give you all an update on baby Strauss. I went to the doc on Friday and to my surprise I am already dilated and the baby's head is in position. So anyway the doc asked if I was ready to have the baby.. is all of your paper work is in etc... I nearly freaked out because she said at this point I have already past the first stage of labor and all we have to do is wait for my water to break. I have to admit it was rather easy and did not hurt a bit.

Anyway, all I did was laugh all weekend long because of course the baby is 4 weeks early and so we thought we had at least another two weeks to even think about the arrival of little Strauss. You should have seen Ryan. He had a terrified look in his eye every time that he looked at me. Friday night he raced through the house to get all of his electronics ready. He was shaking... this is no joke. He won't let me even move one inch because the more you move the more it can bring on the labor.He basically spent the entire weekend frantically organising things around the house. When he left for work this morning he was coaching me on all the bags that I have to bring with me to hospital if my water breaks while he is at work. There is one MEGA electronic bag with a video camera, camera, laptop, cords etc... his over night bag (he also wants to bring his sleeping bag and camping pad because he heard that the bed the dad's sleep on is really uncomfortable) and not to mention my bag. So I will be carrying three massive bags out the door and then trying to catch a cab to get to the hospital. I just think that this is all so funny because I have never in 8 years of knowing him seen him like this. It is soooooo precious.

My hope is to keep little Strauss incubating for as long as I can because the longer the better. Plus, Katie is out of town this week and there is no way in hell I am having the baby without her being at the hospital. Actually, I could be dilated like this for another week or so. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

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