Friday, March 9, 2007

5 Centimeters And Counting

The doctors have decided to not induce labor. Kelly was told that inducing labor at this point would increase our likelihood of having a cesarean section. So, the baby will remain cooped up inside momma for a few more days/weeks.

They took an ultrasound of her belly and said that there is plenty of water for the baby to be healthy. So much water in fact that if it breaks, daddy's going to need to put on a life vest.

Some fun facts:
  • Kelly is 5 centimeters dilated
  • Baby currently weighs 7lbs and 13 ounces
  • Baby is the 75% for weight
Looks like we'll be waiting some more! We'll keep everyone posted once we get more details.

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Anonymous said...

Kelly, hang in there girl! You must be going crazy! I remember those feelings 9 months ago, but hang on tight...your baby WILL COME OUT to play SOON!!!! Praying for you guys...