Friday, March 9, 2007

Today Is The "Due Date"

It's finally Friday, March 9th 2007. 9 months ago the doctor's said today was going to be the due date. Uh, it doesn't seem like that's going to be the case. Supposedly she is super dilated and fully effaced, but no contractions and no signs of impending labor. We have an appointment today at 1pm so we're a bit anxious on what they'll say. Will they say "it's time to induce so that the baby can start practicing the mechanics of a baseball pitch" or will they say "let's wait another week as the baby seems to enjoy stretching so it can be fully prepared to practice pitching".

Kelly's been having trouble sleeping for a few weeks now. She sleeps from about 9pm until 3am. Around 3am, the baby kicks her awake and says, "yo, listen here. i'm hungry". So I hear Kelly get out of bed and walk around the apartment. She waddles around noticing chores I need to accomplish the next day and then I hear the rustling of cereal boxes and then the crunching of her eating. It makes me smile because I know how much she likes cereal!

We'll provide an update after today's appointment. BTW, I brought all my "gear" into work today so I'm ready to go!

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