Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jealous or Not... That is the Question??

Poor little Ashley. She is my beautiful little angel. But her little brother has been getting all the glory lately. She is handling it quite well... until....the other day. We were walking in to Starbucks and the person holding the door for us bent down in the stroller and said, "what beautiful eyes your baby has" then the lady at the counter said it too. She then got the barrista to come over and look at his "baby blues." On our way out, two ladies stopped and said "wow, what beautiful eyes your baby has." This happens pretty often. But this particular day it felt like everyone was stopping to say something. In fact, it happens so often that when Ashley talks to her baby she says, "you have beautiful eyes." Anyway, back to the story. We left Starbucks and walked over to the grocery store and on the way in WE HEARD IT AGAIN! My heart was melting for Ashley. Not one person acknowledged her. So while we were standing at the deli counter Ashley looked up at me and said, "mommy Ashy has beautiful eyes." As we are pulling away from the deli and about to check out. I was so afraid to hear it again. But instead we heard something else. "MAAM YOUR DAUGHTER STUFFED HER SOCKS IN YOUR SONS MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hahaahahah... not to laugh because poor Aidan was sitting there stunned. Was that jealousy or just boredom?????

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Wilmert Fam. Member said...

Oh my goodness - FUNNY!!! Sweet Ashley, just caught up on some of your posts...she is hilarious! I love what is coming out of her mouth! Birth order is hard, isn't it? It's a struggle all the time...one moment I feel "bad" for Gabe 'cause of somethign, the next moment I'm thinking "poor Sam..." I think it's just our mama bear coming out. ;o)