Friday, March 27, 2009

Some Funny Stuff And a Big Thank You To Daddy!!!

We did it!!! Aidan is sleeping 7:00 - 6:00. And it is all thanks to DADDY!!! We got a great plan from a sleep clinic and it worked in three nights. And not that much crying. It involved Daddy duty pretty much from 2 hours before Aidan goes to bed and then all night long. Thank you daddy for your patience and understanding. You followed through with everything. You are OUR savior. We love you so much.

Also some funny Ashley moments:
Last night in the car I said....

:What is that smell? It is probably my garlic breath.

: No, mommy!! It is MY breath that smells. MY BREATH MOMMY. (she was not saying it a mean voice)

: No, really Ashley it is the garlic hummus I ate.

Ashley: No Mommy it is MY breath. I SMELL MOMMY. I SMELL MOMMY.

I finally gave in and let her win. She was persistant on smelling!!

( at the age of two everything has to be MINE!!!)

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Anonymous said...

What is your sleep secret??