Friday, May 29, 2009

Aidan Thomas on the move!!

My life is over for the next week or so!! I have to adjust to having another child on the move. Aidan is now army crawling all over the place. He knows what he wants and goes to get it. He LOVES his new skill. He wants to practice all day long. Today he was trying to pull the covers off of the sockets. He worked on it for a good bit and then crawled on over to the floor vent and played with that for about 2 minutes or so. His favorite place to explore is still under the table. Since he throws his food all over the place. He likes to look for a couple of extra scraps. No joke.... he spotted a cheerio today and bee lined for it. It was really funny.

We have a video of it... ryan should be posting soon. The picture below is Aidan and his friend Sophia at our playgroup this past week.

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