Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aidan started walking today

Well, today was a big day. The morning started off with Ashley and I spending some time washing the car. While cleaning, Kelly and I made the decision to swap out the rear facing bucket car seat that Aidan uses with a normal one that faces forward. We went out to get some lunch and Aidan was a happy little clam to be sitting forward feeling the wind in his hair.

Later in the day, we all took some time to organize the garage. Aidan was crawling around us as we straightened when we heard Ashley say "mommy, Aidan is walking". We both say "sure dear" and keep working. Then we look over and sure enough he is teetering from one foot to the other across the garage. Our jaws hit the floor. So we spent a good part of the rest of the day working on his new skills.

This might sound strange but I think the switch to a normal car seat earlier in the day made Aidan believe more deeply in himself and that if Ashley can walk and sit in the same seat as me, then I can walk too. Random but who knows.

I'll post some pics and video tomorrow.

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k.nichol said...

yo, baby aidan is still supposed to be facing backwards. It's a new law - it's obnoxious, huh? aunt sissy