Sunday, August 2, 2009

Funny little man....

My friend, Lauren, brought her baby Liam over to play with Aidan. Liam is 8.5 months and Aidan is 10 months today. Even though Liam is younger than Aidan, he is MUCH bigger. So anyway, Aidan crawled up to Liam and was pointing at him saying, "bube"(baby). It made us laugh because little Aidan was pointing at big Liam and calling him a baby. It was pretty funny.

Speaking of talking, who would of thought that quiet little Aidan would be such a talker. He enjoys looking out the window at the bird feeder and says, "birrr." He now says, "iiiiii" (hi) when we go to get him from his crib. At the zoo this week, he said "EHH EHH EHH" for elephant and "burrr" for bear and "buhhbuhhbuhh" for butterfly. I am SOOOO pround of him because he was such a quiet little baby that all of the this early language is so unexpected.

ciao for now..

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